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Food Bullying Podcast

Dec 4, 2023

Grocery store costs are crazy, but what costs have gone up on farms? Are fields sprayed with “such harsh pesticides” that workers can’t enter the fields?  Is hydroponic farming the wave of the future when it comes to leafy greens?  Should you be worried about lead in soil?  Michele helps Nicole separate fact from fiction on these topics and more. 

The co-hosts spend time reflecting on their personal favorite and eye-opening episodes from 2023, which include apple growing, dietitians, pumpkins, GMOs, mRNA vaccines, scientists, farmers, animal protein & sustainability, and more. They recommend episodes to help listeners learn more about their food and how it's grown to overcome the myths of the food plate.  Michele and Nicole want to know: which experts do YOU want to hear them interview in the New Year?  Leave your questions in the comments or message Nicole or Michele.