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Food Bullying Podcast

Jun 1, 2020

Do you know how labels, ads, and menus are designed to make you buy? The job of a marketer is to get you to choose their item and sell more.  Our guest Gerry O’Brion shares how giving people a rational reason to choose a product is the key to influencing buying behavior.

Gerry O’Brion is a professional speaker...

May 25, 2020

This episode’s guest and her husband are millennials and third generation dairy, beef and crop farmers in Michigan.  They are working hard and using technology, including robots, to secure the future of their farm.  Ashley Kennedy shares insights on being a working mother, fostering a positive attitude toward...

May 19, 2020

We are likely to stand in line to get the latest smart phone technology —  so why do we fear technology in food? In this delightful episode, Dr. Kevin Folta makes Eliz and Michele roar with laughter and sheds light on genetics, technology, and how to he’s working to make strawberries taste better.  We discuss...

May 11, 2020

Do you feel guilty for not being able to afford the "better" food label? Food Science Babe is back for a rousing game of “Guess What I Saw in the Grocery Store?” to kick off season five of the Food Bullying Podcast. Super foods, non-GMO, and other food bullying labels cause unnecessary guilt. 

"Food doesn't...

May 7, 2020

In this special Mother’s Day edition, Michele and Eliz are joined by Grace Greene, Eliz’s daughter.  In a nod to the West Wing Weekly Podcast, Grace leads a “Big Block of Cheese” format to turn the tables on her mom and Michele.  To peals of laughter, Grace asks questions on a range of topics including: