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Food Bullying Podcast

Dec 18, 2023

“I wish people would take a little time to understand where their food comes from and also to trust the farmer.” A great perspective for RDNs to remember!

Wanda Patsche, alongside her husband Chuck, farms in southern Minnesota.  They grow corn and soybeans and raise hogs.  Patsche also utilizes her blog to tell her farming story. Unfortunately, she has recently experienced some food bullying as part of her efforts to help people understand farming. 

“I think GMOs and organic foods are still widely misunderstood by the consumer,” says Patsche. “I also think the fear-based labeling food companies use such as labeling foods non-GMO when there isn’t a GMO option for that particular food causes further confusion.”

Listen in as Patsche shares her insights on how biotechnology has helped her use fewer inputs throughout the years, the use of antibiotics in swine, and why you should shop confidently - especially for meat - at any grocery store.

For more on Patsche, visit her on X and Instagram @MNFarmLiving and on Facebook MinnesotaFarmer. Be sure to check out her blog, https://www.mnfarmliving.