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Food Bullying Podcast

Jan 1, 2024

“You can’t talk about what’s on the plate if you don’t know how it got there.”

As the founder of Build Up Dietitians, Leah McGrath has created a space in which dietitians at all stages in their careers (including students), can learn more about just that - and provides avenues for evidence-based practitioners to gain a better understanding of agriculture practices.

But when searching for that evidence, how do we discern quality sources from those that are less-than?  McGrath offers multiple resources for dietitians so that YOU can empower the consumer to make choices based on fact - not fiction.

In addition to a robust conversation on the importance of cultivating an evidence-based career, McGrath shares her examples of persistent mis and disinformation in the nutrition space and diet trends that remain strong throughout the years. 

Visit Build Up Dietitians and find them on Facebook, X, and Instagram. You can also subscribe to the Build Up Dietitian Substack at You'll find great resources about food whether you are a dietitian, into nutrition, or a part of agriculture.