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Food Bullying Podcast

Feb 5, 2024

Brady Blackett is a 4th generation cattle producer from Utah who’s passionate about the cattle industry and its ability to contribute to a healthy and wholesome food system in the U.S. and abroad.  

As the co-founder of IGA (Intermountain Genetic Alliance), Blackett is well-versed in the subject and application of AI (artificial insemination).  In this episode, Blackett explains the many ways in which AI has a positive net impact on the environment and offers a wider array of consumer choices at the meat counter and in the dairy aisle. 

For example, by selecting traits that improve feed efficiency, AI allows cattle to perform at the same level while consuming less feed. This means that they can produce meat and milk more efficiently, reducing the overall environmental footprint of cattle production.

Additionally, AI enables producers to breed animals with specific traits, such as shorter calving intervals, which can lead to more efficient land use and potentially shorter grazing times. These factors contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to beef production.

The science and research conducted in the field of reproductive technology in cattle, including artificial insemination (AI), has had significant benefits for humans. For example, advancements in fertility treatments and hormone therapies used in human reproductive medicine have been influenced by research conducted in cattle.

The similarities between bovine and human reproductive systems have allowed scientists to study and develop techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer, which have been successfully applied in human fertility treatments. Therefore, the knowledge gained from studying cattle reproduction has contributed to improving human reproductive health and assisting individuals and couples in achieving pregnancy.

In addition to his work throughout the beef industry, Blackett is father to three children and is an advocate for local agriculture.  When feeding his own family, he buys local whenever possible - especially when the food in question is beef. When choosing beef, choose to buy from local producers. Local producers often lose a portion of the margin on beef thanks to a consolidated processing industry.

"If you buy directly from a local producer they capture more of the retail value of the beef. Furthermore, when you buy directly, you are keeping those dollars in your local economy while knowing exactly how that animal was raised."

You can learn more about the IGA on Instagram: @IGAbulls and Facebook