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Food Bullying Podcast

Sep 8, 2019


Mom and fitness instructor Ellen Frost explains how food myths make the grocery store confusing, the pressures of mom guilt & food shaming and how kids are bullied about food. Ellen joins Michele and Eliz to continue with the conversation about food bullying, bringing a “normal person” perspective about food. Ellen Frost is a stay-at-home mom of four and recently started teaching fitness classes at a small local gym. She is also an avid volunteer for school activities with her children.  Ellen questions some food myths that people dearly hold to, yet they have no facts attached to them. For instance, who says the organic cage free eggs are truly better than the Kroger brand?

Mom fitness instructorKey points:

  • Common food myths
  • Why do people buy brands?
  • How kids are bullied about food at lunch
  • Pressures of mom guilt and food shaming

The conversation:

(00:42): Ellen’s introduction

(01:20): Facts on agriculture

(03:31): Conflicting facts between the food truths and the myths

(05:33): Are organic cage free eggs better than the Kroger brand?

(08:30): Food bullying among teenagers

(09:46): How people buy fancy labels thinking they are the best

(10:38): Marketer’s tricks

(12:32): Are whole food products better than the rest?

(16:58):  Consult a registered dietitian for nutritional advice

(17:30): Have you watched any documentary on food production?

(22:18): Why do we love conflating opinion with fact on a regular basis and instead of questioning the source of the information?

(24:26): We should always consult farmers before making conclusions on food

Fabulous Quotes 

  • “Food should be about celebration, not condemnation.”
  • “Consult a farmer who knows how your food is produced before you just assume cage free eggs are better.”
  • “If you actually want nutrition advice, you should talk to a registered dietitian.”
  • “Just because it doesn't have the fancy labels and names doesn't mean that a certain food isn't good.”